Every Thai Touch massage session starts with a welcome mineral footbath.

Try one of the following massage types

Relaxing massages

People seek Thai Massage the world over for relaxing and restoring mind, body, spirit and soul. Our relaxing massages are a great introduction to the benefits of Thai Massage.

Head, Neck and Shoulder

Feeling stressed? Headaches? Relaxing massage can relieve tightness in your scalp, neck and shoulders!

Aroma Oil Massage

You’ll leave at peace again with the world after this smooth, gliding, full body massage with warmed coconut oil scented with your choice of essential oil. An excellent choice for your first visit for a whole body massage.

Pregnancy / Post-natal

Expecting or just had your baby? Tackle morning sickness, neck, shoulder and leg pain. Quickly recover from birthing with a relaxing whole body coconut oil massage.

Foot massage

Perfect for relaxing and relieving your tired, aching feet and calves – your foot massage stimulates pressure points in your feet that connect to organs throughout your body.


Deeper massages

You’ll value a deeper massage if you’ve set yourself health goals. Drink plenty of water afterwards. Expect any muscle tenderness to ease within a couple of days.

Deep Oil Massage

Deeper exploration of muscles in this coconut oil and balm, full body massage will find and release more tightness. An excellent choice if you want to tackle some tight spots and leave feeling refreshed.

Traditional Thai Massage

Applying stretches and pressure to your body’s therapy points and energy pathways will re-integrate body, mind, emotions and spirit. For lovers of robust full body massage.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Work hard with your upper body? This popular massage will release tension that develops with sitting and standing work – just right for when you’re tired and stiff!

Mixed Thai Oil Massage

Combine the benefits of both Deep Oil massage and Traditional Thai massage in this great full body package.

Therapeutic Massage

Got a muscle or joint problem needing focus? Increase circulation in the problem area by loosening muscles and releasing muscle spasm through trigger points. Problem dissolving!



Upgrade to extraordinary

Upgrade from great to extraordinary with any of these options.


Hot Stones Massage

Your therapist applies warmed, polished, rounded stones to release heat deep under your skin. Melts tension in muscles. Massages your cares away. Good any time and great for winter!

A hot stones massage is just $10 more than a standard massage. Just add “hot stones” as an “add on” at booking time.

Hot Herb Ball Massage

Add hot herb ball to your Aroma Oil massage; Back, Neck and Shoulder massage; Deep Oil massage; Traditional Thai massage or Therapuetic massage. Great for sore muscles!

Add just $10 to add a hot herb ball treatment to your standard massage. Just add “hot herb ball” as an “add on” at booking time.

Couples Massage

Want your partner with you to share your massage experience? Book as a couple to enjoy one of our couples rooms 🙂