Your COVID-safe Home-from-Home

Well, yes, COVID has changed all of our lives dramatically in the few short months since January. Looking on the bright side, it has given us an excuse to completely re-imagine our systems and the Thai Touch business – exciting!
So far, we have opened only Mount studio as we bed our systems in. Bethlehem studio will follow by early July, once we have completed a few safety-focused projects.
Here are some of the new features of the Thai Touch massage system that will protect you throughout your every visit to our studios. Some have been relaxed a little now that we have moved to Alert Level 1:

– Sterilised studio air

During lockdown, we have installed UVC light in every heat pump at Mount studio. UVC light is leading edge technology that sterilises airflows. Every treatment room at Mount studio is now flooded with sterilised air every minute of every day.

– Personal Protective Equipment

All of our team will wear a high-efficiency merino-based filtering mask (better than N95) throughout their working day at the studio.
You will only be in close contact with one person throughout your whole visit – your therapist!
Your therapist will don a freshly laundered uniform for your session. You will be in great hands! We are no longer requiring that clients wear a face mask but there is a fresh mask waiting for you in your locker should you wish to wear one.
Every piece of linen involved in a session and your slippers will be hot-water laundered and super-hot dried before returning to the studio.

– Revised massage protocols

Every way that your therapist approaches, touches and handles you has been carefully redesigned to minimise COVID risk to both of you. Our team has been hard at work on the redesign, sharing and testing of all aspects of your massage experience. We earnestly believe that if you wanted to find safe haven from COVID you’d struggle to do better than spending time at Thai Touch.

– Distancing and hand-sanitising

With the advent of Alert Level 1, distancing is now less critical. But we are still providing you with lots of opportunities for hand sanitising – please make the most of them!

– Let’s learn!

We’ve put a lot of effort into getting this right. Still, our new normal will become the greatest it can be if we are always open to further improvement. If you spot opportunities for further improvement in our systems, please don’t hesitate to share. Likewise, we hope you will feel able to trust in the instructions provided by your therapist. Together, we will build the safest health and leisure activity you can imagine, creating your home from home for relaxation, recovery and rejuventation.