Thai Touch is Orasa’s dream come true. She dreamt in 2011 of a business that made the most of her Thai heritage. A business that helps Kiwis live their best lives. Lives with a routine that affords them true relaxation. Lives freed of aches and pains. Lives relieved of stress. Orasa dreamt of a team of skilled therapists resolving those aches, pains and stress without medications. Those therapists would be well rewarded for their skills in New Zealand. They could send funds home to support families in rural Thailand. They could learn English as a window onto our increasingly global culture. And they would make up a team of Thai ambassadors bringing their gentle and smiling presence to God Zone.

After nine years, Orasa’s dream has fine lines. Thai Touch has grown from start-up into a respected brand and business in its home town of Tauranga. Across its three studios, Thai Touch was treating upwards of  900 clients weekly in the three months before lockdown 2020. That was a fair few seized shoulders, stiff necks and sore backs sorted each week. And it was a sizeable lowering of stress for the Tauranga population on a regular basis. 

At present, Thai Touch is home to twenty-six skilled massage therapists. We suspect this is the largest group of Thai massage therapists in New Zealand. Every one of them has a story to tell. Everyone is grateful to New Zealand for what they can now do for their families at home in Thailand.

As for many other businesses the world over, COVID-19 delivered a huge shock to Thai Touch. As we went into lockdown, we recognised that as a high contact experience, we would need to invest particular care into making visits to Thai Touch super safe. We spent our lockdown completely re-imagining the Thai Touch experience. Our goal was to make a visit to Thai Touch the very safest place you could come to relax, recover and rejuvenate outside of your own living room.  We think you’ll likely agree that we’ve succeeded in that. We’d especially welcome your feedback on your experiences when you visit us.

Of the three Thai Touch studios in Tauranga, we have re-opened one at this point – our studio in Mount Maunganui. The spacious Mount studio is at 12A Prince Avenue, downtown Mount Maunganui, just metres from Mount Maunganui Mainstreet.

With every wave of new therapists that has joined us from Thailand, we have been even more wowed by the depth of skills and experience that we can provide in Tauranga. We guarantee to wow you too when you visit.

Whether you are a day visitor or long term local, we look forward to welcoming you into the Thai Touch family.